Have you ever thought of getting electricity from fruits? Are fruits capable of producing electricity? We have to find that out with this particular 8th grade science fair project.

This project is conducted to prove that there flow of electricity can be derived from fruits. It is based on the same scientific principle of batteries. As a simple experiment, this can be performed by performed by an 8th grader but with thorough care and attention.


Are fruits capable of producing electricity?


Fruits can provide electricity with the same principle of electricity flowing from batteries.


  • 3 Apples (F1)
  • 3 Potatoes (F2)
  • 3 Oranges (F3)
  • Flashlight light bulb (1.2 Volts)
  • Socket forĀ  light bulb
  • Multi-tester (capable of measuring low voltages)
  • Wooden board (to mount the socket and the bulb)
  • Copper electrode
  • Zinc electrode
  • Insulated wires
  • Alligator clips


  1. Prepare the fruits and other materials needed.
  2. Squeeze them on all sides with the hands. Do not to squeeze too hard so as not to break the fruit.
  3. Place the zinc electrode all the way into the apple (F1) which is the first fruit to be tested.
  4. Also place the copper electrode on the opposite side of the fruit.
  5. Connect the longer wire of the bulb leading to the copper strip. Use a pair of alligator clips.
  6. Connect the shorter lead to the metal strip. Use a pair of alligator clips.
  7. Observe what happens.
  8. Record the results.
  9. If the bulb lights up, record how long it stays lit.
  10. Measure the current using the multi-meter.
  11. Tabulate results in a sheet of paper.
  12. After the F1 – fruit 1, remove the zinc and copper electrodes and wipe off any excess juice.
  13. Repeat the same procedure using the second apple, then third apple.
  14. Repeat the same procedure using the two different fruits, F2 and F3
  15. Each time record the results.


Inserting copper and zinc electrodes in different fruits produces some electricity. The fruits serve as the acidic liquid and electricity flows from the chemical reaction between the electrodes and electrolyte.


Indeed, the fruits produced electricity through lighting of the flashlight. The electricity produced from the experiment can be measures through a multi-meter that is capable of detecting low voltages. You can check to see how many volts electricity are being produced by the apples, potatoes, and oranges.




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