Have you heard of a static electricity? Static means non-moving and the closest thing to electricity is electrical charge. So, it is a kind of electricity that gathers in one placeor a non-moving kind of electricity. In this experiment, you are going to find how to make frogs jump through a static electricity.


How to make frogs jump over a static electricity?


A static electricity can make frogs jump by.


  • paper
  • scissors
  • balloon
  • flat surface or a table


  1. Prepare all the materials needed
  2. Cut out 5 small paper frogs with the use of scissors.
  3. Lay them all on the flat surface.
  4. Rub the balloons on your head.
  5. Notice that your hair is standing – that’s a static electricity already.
  6. Rub it again on somebody’s hair and put it near to the paper frogs.
  7. You will be witnessing paper frogs jumping over static electricity.


You see jumping paper frogs moved by static electricity that has been produced by the hair and balloon. This happens because rubbing the balloon with your hair gives it an electric charge, a little amount of electricity. That charge causes the frogs to jump, because they stick to the balloon like a magnet. The paper frogs has the opposite charge and as we know in science, opposite charges attract.


The hypothesis can be accepted since, the frogs jump through static electricity. This principle is just like the lightning. When positive and negative electrons collide, the product was the lightning and in this experiment, the products were the jumping frogs.

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