Music has been proven to help people in boosting their mental capacities. Some people claimed to have performed better and became more more productive when they listen to a classical kind of music. Some become more active when listening to a rock music. In this experiment, we will be able to determine if the effects of music on people will be as the same with plants.


What is the effect of music to plants?


Classical music will make the plants grow better.


  • 6 bean plants, sprouted
  • 6 plastic cups
  • Plastic plates
  • 1 bag of potting soil
  • Radio with CD player
  • Classical music CD
  • Journal or logbook
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 2-3 gallons of distilled water


  1. Prepare the six bean plants (you may need to germinate the seeds if you do not have bean plants that are already sprouted) in the plastic cups with the potting soil. Poke small holes in the bottom of the cups and place them on the plastic plates for adequate drainage.
  2. Place two plants in a room that is relatively quiet. Place the radio with the classical music CD in the room as well. These plants will be exposed to classical music for part of the day.
  3. Place two plants in a room that is almost completely silent.
  4. Place the last two plants in a room in the house that has normal, regular noise, such as your living room.
  5. Each day, play classical music to the plants in Room 1 for an hour. Remember to water the plants every three days, or when the soil seems dry.


Each day, record how tall the plants are, as well as their overall color and lushness. Note the size of the leaves and anything else remarkable about each plant. Which one was taller? Which one was greener? Do this everyday. Results can be made on a graph.


Different results have been observed by different students. The majority is classical music has a better effect on plants. You can make your own conclusion based on your results.


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