It has been a practice in the kitchen to add salt when boiling something. When we cook meat until it becomes tender, we add salt. Does salt affect the boling temperature of water? Does it cook the food faster? In this science project, the relationship of salt with the boiling water will be determined.


To find out how table salt affects the boiling temperature of water.


Salt when added to boiling water will cause it to boil at a higher temperature.


  • Table Salt
  • Distilled Water
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring Teaspoon
  • Measuring Tablespoon
  • Stirring spoon
  • Thermometer
  • Cooking Pot
  • Pen
  • Paper


  1. Boil one quart of distilled water.
  2. When the water boils, measure its temperature.
  3. Log the highest temperature reading. This is going to be the control.
  4. Measure out table salt using a measuring tablespoon.
  5. Level the spoonful.
  6. Add the measured salt to the boiling water. Stir using the stirring spoon.
  7. Measure the temperature of the boiling water with the salt in it.
  8. Record the highest temperature reading.
  9. Again, add one tablespoon of salt.
  10. Then measure the highest temperature reading.


While doing the experiment, these values should be determined:

  1. Amount of boiling water
  2. Temperature of boiling water. This will be the control.
  3. Amount of table salt added to boiling water: Run #1
  4. Additional amount of table salt added to boiling water: Run #2
  5. Temperature of boiling water after adding salt: Run #2

When the salt will be added to boiling water it will bubble up more and will stop boiling, then it will boil again.

You will get:

  • Total amount of table salt added for Run #1: 0 + 1 = 1 Tbl.
  • Total amount of table salt added for Run #2: 1 + 1 = 2 Tbl.


The hypothesis should be correct. Adding table salt to water causes the water to boil at a

higher temperature. At the same time, higher temperature will cook any food faster.



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