Producing music from empty bottles is a fun-learning experience. It is good to know that not only musical instruments can make music, but also empty bottles which we thought are just as good as trash.  In this 8th grade science project, we will be using empty bottles with the same size and shape and fill them with different volumes of water. The music production will follow.


Do bottles produce music?


Bottles produce sound, so music can be produced too with the help of some factors.


  • 5 identical empty glass soda bottles
  • water
  • a spoon


  1. Prepare all the materials needed.
  2. Place the bottles in a straight line, about 3 inches apart from each other.
  3. Fill the bottles with water one-by-one.
  4. Fill the first bottle with a small amount of water.
  5. Fill the second bottle with more water than the first bottle.
  6. Fill the third bottle with more water than the second bottle.
  7. Fill the fourth bottle with more water than the third bottle.
  8. Fill the fifth bottle with more water than the fourth bottle.
  9. Check all the bottles if water level is already staggered.
  10. Take your spoon and strike the tops of each bottle one after the other.
  11. Listen to the different pitches.
  12. By striking the bottles, you will be able to make music.


You should be able to observe the different pitches upon striking the bottles. The pitch created is dependant not only on the amount of water, but the size and type of bottle being used. You can label the bottles according to its pitch. It should be noted that it is important to use identical empty bottles to create the best musical results.


It is concluded that bottles with water produce different pitches depending on the volume of water. The more water in the bottle, the lower the pitch is produced. The less water that is in the bottle, the pitch is higher. This is because of the vibrating mass inside the bottle which is the volume of water itself.

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