Normally, schools are facilitating activities like Science Fair Projects for Eight Grade Students. Then, students will be studying and conducting experiments to prove their science project and that they would win contests and earn high grades. It is highly recommended that science projects should be interrelated with our day to day lives or somewhat involving the environment. A project that would have benefits not only to the researcher, but to the whole world as well. An example of that is paper recycling. Paper is a biodegrable material and easy to recycle. Aside from making the back page as scratch paper – the scratch paper itself can be recycled too.


How is paper recycling done?


Paper recycling can be done through breaking down the components of paper and putting them again.


  • an old newspaper
  • a wooden frame
  • mortar and pestle
  • water
  • sieve with holes of about 1 mm
  • flat sponge
  • rectangular container large enough to (be able to fit the frame)
  • hairdryer
  • jug


  1. With the wooden frame, mount the sieve underneath, with strips of wood and nails enclosing it.
  2. Soak some of the newspaper in water within 24 hours.
  3. Squeeze out the excess water
  4. With the use mortar and pestle, crush the newspapers at a time until you get a homogeneous paste, consisting of fibers isolated from each other
  5. Keep on doing this until you have enough paste
  6. Fill the container halfway with water
  7. Put the paper paste in the container and stir it to separate the fibers
  8. Remove any resulting clumps
  9. Immerse the frame in the watery suspension in the bowl with the sieve facing the bottom of the container
  10. Slowly remove the frame from the suspension keeping it steadily horizontal
  11. Finally, move the frame to even out the layer of fibers
  12. Wait for the water to drain
  13. Place the smooth side of a sheet of Formica on top of the sheet of paper still soaked with water;
  14. Press on the Formica a little to drain the water, taking care not to deform the sieve;
  15. With a sponge, collect water from underneath and squeeze it away every so often;
  16. Slowly remove the sheet of Formica so that the sheet of paper remains attached to it;
  17. Let the sheet of paper dry and to do this more quickly, you can dry it with a hairdryer.


You make other sheets of paper with style like introducing to the suspension some dried grasses and crush it in the mortar or flower petals without crushing them. It will give your recycled sheets a special art. It will make the paper more beautiful. You can even use them as art papers, papers you will have made to write a letter.

You will see a new paper produced from an old newspaper.


This science project aims to reduce our wastes and educate people in conserving the earth’s natural resources. As they say, recycling a ton of paper saves more or less 15 trees. So, instead of cutting a tree, why not recycle?

Indeed, paper recycling is saving Mother Earth.

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