This project focuses on two subjects: a plant growing with sunlight vs. a plant growing without sunlight. These subjects are being studied to compare its growth in a particular span of time. After the experiment, we will be able to come up with a comparative analysis between the two subjects. We may be able to see which plant grows taller and healthier. We may also find out the reasons why they grow differently.


With and without sunlight, which plant grows better?


The plant which grows with sunlight will grow better than the one that grows without sunlight.


  • two identical growing plants in pots
  • permanent marker
  • pen and paper
  • ruler
  • logbook


  1. Prepare two identical plants, a growing bean in a pot is recommended.
  2. Label the pots.
  3. Make sure that the two plants have the same in height, in color, and in shape.
  4. Put the 1st plant in the window where there is direct light.
  5. Put the 2nd plant somewhere where there is no light, like under the table inside your house.
  6. Observe the two plants for five days.


Record your observations daily. Measure results like the plants’ height, green color, and its leaf appearance. Take pictures too for some documentary evidences.


With the results accumulated, you will be able to come up with a conclusion. Based on this experiment, the plant which is growing with sunlight is better than the plant which is growing deprived of sunlight. Sunlight is one of the nutrients that plants needed.



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